Training Benchmark B – Australian or non-Australian workers??

We get  a lot of enquiries and there seems to be a lack of clarity as to who should be included in the training under Training Benchmark B – Only Australian workers or both Australian and non-Australian workers?

In this regard, we would like to confirm our understanding that any expense incurred by the business on structured training as per the requirements of Training Benchmark B will be counted towards training expenses as long as Australian workers are included in the Provision of Training. This means that under Training Benchmark B, training can be provided to both Australian and non-Australians workers.

However, please note that training expenditure will not count towards Training Benchmark B if the training is undertaken ONLY by persons who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents. Therefore, employers must ensure that at least one Australian citizen or permanent resident is included in the training.

We hope that clarifies, and let us know if we can help you meet your Training Benchmark B requirements.

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