Training Benchmark B – Companies trading less than 12 months

What’s Training Benchmark B?

As per the Department of Immigration regulations, in order to be able to sponsor overseas workers, Australian companies have to commit to spending 1% of their total annual payroll in Training. This commitment lasts for as long as the sponsorship nomination is valid (usually three years).

Who needs to be trained?

Australian permanent residents or citizens. They can be employed by your company full-time, part-time or even on a casual/contract basis.

As a bonus for you, McKkr’s can train your non-Australian staff as well in the same session.


Australian Permanent Resident or Citizens must attend.

Sessions with Non-Australians can still be done, but they won’t count for Training Benchmark B Requirements.

How often is the Training done?

Depending on the amount spent on training for this year, McKkr’s will deliver the Training Course/ Courses to your staff. Each course can last from 4 to 6 hours. If your organisation has more than one course for this year, they should be done on separate days.

You can request a change of courses before the Training Session is conducted, as per the needs of your organisation.

How can we pay?

Payment can be done via bank transfer or credit card. The amount is calculated based on the total annual payroll of your company. You will receive an invoice along with the Training Plan. Companies trading for less than 12 months do not necessarily need to pay when the Training Plan is done. However, to be compliant, they need to make the payment before the company completes 12 months trading.

When will Training be done?

Once payment is done, McKkr’s team will contact you to arrange date and time of your Training Sessions.

We will offer you the available dates we might have in our own Training venue, or alternatively, if you are able to provide a proper room for Training in your facilities, the trainer can be sent there. A third option would be doing the course online via Skype. Once date, time and attendees are confirmed you will receive a Booking Confirmation from McKkr’s.


Training Sessions can be changed or postponed 48 hours prior to booking.

McKkr’s will not arrange new Training Sessions for “No Show” if alternative arrangements are not made within 48 hours before training. If a new session needs to be arranged, fees may apply.

Is this just a “one off” commitment?

No. As a sponsor, you must meet the training benchmark requirement every year that you are a sponsor. Sponsors are expected to fulfil this commitment during their period of approval as a sponsor. Sponsors who do not continue to meet the Training benchmarks during their period of approval, may be barred from sponsoring overseas workers or have their approval as a sponsor cancelled.

McKkr’s will contact you again next year to recalculate your training expenditure based on the gross payroll of your business. You will be requested to pay for Training and the training sessions will be conducted for that fiscal year.

If you have any questions, please contact our team.

02 4626 1002

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