Declaration-Ongoing Position

Position/Job Description Report Services

McKkr’s prepares a detailed and analytical report in support of the genuineness of the ongoing position for various sponsored visa applications. This report is a critical report and plays a vital role in the success of a nomination application. We offer services to Migration Agents and Lawyers to lodge a Decision-Ready application with support of a professionally written Declaration – Ongoing Position for your clients in any industry. If you are seeking assistance for your client, Contact Us today. Order a Declaration – Ongoing Position Report here.

Thorough Declaration – Ongoing Position in support of visa applications addresses various requirements of the Department. Your client must demonstrate that the nominated position is a full-time vacant position and ongoing for at least two years within their company. This report is a critical report and plays a vital role in the success of your clients’ nomination application for the Subclass 186 visas.

We are experienced in preparing Declaration – Ongoing Position for a wide range of positions across various industries. Get in Touch with us to get your client’s report writing done by experienced writers in Australia.

Components of a Declaration – Ongoing Position

This report contains thorough information on the business products and services, discussions about various position within your client’s organisation, descriptions and analysis of the nominated position with reference to ANZSCO, arguments and justifications for the need of the ongoing position.

The final report will significantly depend on the quality and precision of information you and your clients share with us. It starts from understanding your client’s business and its goal and we work from there to ensure we cover as much detail as possible. All details shared with us remain confidential and are used only for the purpose of preparing their Declaration– Ongoing Position Reports. Mckkr’s Declaration – Ongoing Position is professionally written and is considered one of the best in the industry. Many nomination applications have been successful due to our detailed and analytical approach in writing this report.

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