Study Tour in Australia

McKkr’s Study Tour is a phenomenal experience. Far from the typical professional
development workshops you snooze through in the office, our professional Study Tour will introduce you to business leadership, learning and tourism at a new level. You will attend seminars delivered by leading Australian scholars, participate in case studies, workshops and industry visits directly linked to your organisation, network with Australian business leaders and collaborate on innovative ideas with your peers from around the globe. You will also visit iconic Australian landmarks, experience local Indigenous culture and get a taste of the Australian way of life.

You will be located in the heart of Australia’s biggest and most vibrant city, Sydney, with superb accommodation, delicious meals and a perfectly-planned itinerary to ensure that you get the most out of your stay. From a personal greeting when you land in Sydney to a comfortable ride back to the airport at the end of your programme, we will take care of all the details to make certain that your McKkr’s Study Tour experience is inspiring, incredible and definitely something to write about.
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Study Tour in Australia
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Relevance a Study Tour

A McKkr’s Study Tour programme will provide you with an intensive, immersive learning experience designed to not only set you up for continued success in your career but to also introduce you to the best of Australia’s beauty and the essence of Australian culture. With teaching sessions employing a careful balance between seminars, workshops, industry visits and case studies, you can be assured that you will leave the programme with a holistic understanding of the potential you can unlock in your organisation no matter the subject area. Sightseeing and cultural experiences can be tailored to fit your demands and interests and can include half and full day regional excursions, city tours, surfing lessons, Indigenous experiences, trips to sporting events and so much more.

Each Study Tour is specifically tailored to your needs that will ensure you enjoy an enriching Australian study holiday and return to work primed to overcome challenges and enhance the quality and scope of your organisation’s endeavours. Pricing will depend on the length and nature of the package, the activities you choose, and the number of people you book in for a Study Tour. Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest, our Study Tours Coordinator will get in touch with you to finalise a price.

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Your Study Tour package will include:

  1. All course materials, training room hire, and lecturer fees
  2. Airport transfers
  3. Accommodation
  4. Meals (all breakfasts and lunches, most dinners)
  5. Sightseeing and cultural activities
  6. Social events and entertainment
  7. Welcome package
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Courses Offered

This course will examine organisational change from a practical perspective, teaching you how to manage and lead such change in your organisation. This course will explore the dynamics of organisational change and is designed to give you an understanding of the potential that such change can unlock.

This course will develop the strong leadership skills necessary in the face of an organisational crisis – best practices, effective communication, and sharp decision-making. This course will help you approach any crisis as an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of your organisation and explore new territory.

This course will explore the process of acquiring and renewing established businesses, focusing on creating opportunities and revitalising business and management practices. You will learn how to take advantage of the global expansion and growth possibilities created by business restructuring.

This course will cover the tools and methods you need to apply in order to create effective, unique, and long-term strategies that will enhance your organisation. From creating a competitive environment to international market involvement, this course will give you a comprehensive understanding of strategy formulation.

This course will cover the tools you need to assess how mergers and acquisitions can enhance your organisation’s capabilities and increase its competitive advantage. This course will teach you how to best integrate organisations and unite their strengths to secure long-term value.

This course will focus on the interactions between politics and economics on both the national and international stage. It will give you an understanding of the financial structures in play and explore how your organisation can capitalise on the changing nature of political and economic authority to obtain the greatest benefits.

This course will develop the techniques you need to conduct strategic analysis on a corporate level, no matter the nature or size of your organisation. From industry and environment analysis to strategic decision-making and implementation, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to transform your organisation.

This course will explore how you can design and implement international business alliances to achieve your overall objectives. You will cover topics such as types of alliances, creating and maintaining alliances, and assessing foreign market capabilities.

This course will provide you with the skills you need in order to become a strong team leader and facilitator. You will develop a personal leadership style and learn relationship building, problem solving, effective listening, and conflict resolution to hold you in good stead as a leader.

This course will examine the nuances of strategy and how it can be implemented to expand and enhance your organisation. From industry analysis and timing to implementation action plans, this course will teach you how to use strategic innovation to boost your organisation.

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This course will cover all you need to know in order to establish and maintain smooth-running global virtual teams to expand your organisation’s reach. Utilising simulations and experiential workshops, this course will examine how to overcome challenges that arise as part of working in a global virtual team.

This course will delve into the process of sourcing and managing funds at all levels in your organisation, and will cover issues such as capital structure decisions, cash flow analysis, decision-making, budgeting, and risk management.

This course will explore the necessary components of innovation: bold leadership, challenges to existing practices, and consistent management. This course will give you the ability to identify, stimulate, and manage innovation opportunities as they arise, and create them wherever possible.

This course will examine the numerous aspects of creating and leading a high-impact team in your organisation. From team performance and emotional intelligence to creativity, power, and influence, this course will teach you the skills you need to lead a stand-out team

This course will help you navigate the numerous social, political, legal, and regulatory institutions that impact market behaviour and your organisation’s performance. This course will give you the techniques you need to work with these bodies to best manage and improve your organisation.

This course will explore the economic models and methods that you can use as a manager to analyse your organisation’s environment and structure and make decisions about resource allocation. These models are crucial aspects of management areas such as corporate strategy, finance, and production.

This course will cover both the knowledge and practical skills you need to implement team structures, accomplish goals, diagnose problems, and achieve success. Through a comprehensive look at team dynamics and diversity, this course will teach you the analytic and interpersonal skills you need to lead in your organisation.

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Advantages of Study Tour

Advantages of Study Tour

The benefits of attending a McKkr’s Study Tour are numerous, including:

  • Gain a new skill or enhance an existing one, using the knowledge and expertise of Australia’s leading academics and business directors.
  • Collaborate on exciting and innovative ideas with your peers from around the world who can offer you unique perspectives on the way your organisation can improve.
  • See the very best Australia has to offer, from its world-renowned natural beauty to its iconic landmarks and its Indigenous cultures, which are the oldest living cultures in the world.
  • Enjoy a holiday that is not only tailored to your needs and provides an ideal balance between work and leisure, but is also fully planned and facilitated so you can truly relax and soak up all the opportunities it has to offer.

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Study Tour Description

Your McKkr’s Study Tour will be based in Sydney and you will have the opportunity to explore regional New South Wales as well.

Your day might start out with an early morning guided walk along the famous Bondi Beach and continue on to a delicious hot breakfast before you sit down to a seminar led by a leading scholar on a subject of your choice. After lunch there may be a case study group activity, a workshop on how you can implement your newly gained knowledge or the chance to hop on a longboard for a surfing lesson or lace up your hiking boots for a short wander through a picturesque National Park. Dinner might be a relaxed affair, giving you the opportunity to sample some of Sydney’s mouth-watering multicultural cuisine or it might be a cocktail party with industry guests, giving you the chance to network and create international connections.

Your weekends will be the perfect time to catch a glimpse of Australia outside the city. Whether it is a day trip to Canberra, a wine tasting tour in the Hunter Valley, a refreshing hike through the Blue Mountains or a night of luxurious camping by the Hawkesbury River, we’re certain to offer an adventure to suit you.

Study Tour Description

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