Corporate Training in Australia

McKkr’s offers practical skills based training in presentation, communication, sales, project management and leadership to individuals and business consultations on compliance,growth and marketing to set system and procedure in accordance with standards of MARA, across the country.

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The following workshops are designed to address the current challenges in our corporate landscape.

Corporate Training in Australia
Corporate Training

For Individuals:
Code of Conduct
The Migration law framework lays down a Code of Conduct to regulate the conduct of RMAs, which is binding on every agent. This workshop aims to cover following objectives:

  • Understand professional standards and obligations
  • Requirement of professional development

Ethical Framework

This workshop is designed to deal with ethical issues in the profession. It is aimed to guide RMAs in situations where rules are not adequate so that they are able to identify and solve problems ethically.

Occupational Competency Standards for Agents

Occupational Competency Standards comprises list of activities to be undertaken by RMAs and provides criteria of performance that is expected from any agent. This workshop is designed for understanding the role and purpose of RMAs and creating pathways for becoming a successful professional.

Client relationships

This workshop aims to improve client management skills of RMAs by discussing tools of building client relationships, including methods to address any conflict or complaint efficiently.
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For Businesses:
Influence and Negotiation

This workshop is a hands on experience on how to develop confidence and capability in handling complex negotiations either with clients or other stake holders. The course is designed to develop and enhance your skills in the following areas:

  • Negotiating through a range of scenarios
  • Understand and evaluate the strategies of negotiation
  • Applying those strategies to get the desired result


This workshop will identify the areas of improvement for leading from within an
organisation. It covers the following learning objectives:

  • Getting a fresh perspective and to adapt behaviour with changes within the organisation or from external factors. This will be an eye opener and will increase self-awareness, resilience and agility towards your team and to your client
  • How to Tune in, listen and empathise with others and recognize disempowering behaviours
  • Implementing tools and adopting new practices based on your personal action plan

Business Writing

This practical workshop is to go through practical steps in learning how to write clearly,concisely and accurately. It will cover the following learning objectives:

  • How to improve readability and follow a logical structure
  • Using intentional language to increase persuasiveness
  • Avoiding wordiness, idea gaps and poor grammar / spelling

Presentation Skills

This workshop is designed to communicate with greater level of confidence, clarity and authenticity. It will give you tools and a framework to deliver high impact presentations which will leave a lasting impression with the audience.

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Project Management

Project management is about effectively leading your team and also involves effectively analysing complex problems. We will provide you with the practical skills needed to effectively manage projects in a form suitable for immediate application to your work environment.

Change Management

Most organisations struggle to keep the boat afloat when there is a huge change in the organization. Change Management is effectively involved in business transformation. This workshop will go through the various stages for business transformation and factors for success. We will go through process mapping and evaluating existing processes. A Workplan to implement and operate new changes to business is the final learning of this course.

Conflict Management

Whether it is your team or another organisation sorting out conflicts will be one of the most challenging responsibilities you will ever face. In this workshop, we will go over practical steps to mediate effectively. When in such situation your tone tends to lose its depth that’s where you need to take control of your tone. We will go through positive framing techniques and conflict mapping techniques to facilitate problem solving.

Sales Strategies for Success

Value added selling comes with understanding your client’s needs, their pain points and what will bring them success and relief. In this course, we will go through customer mapping strategies, teach you how to do solution selling instead of product selling and will take you through steps to follow in order to make a lasting relationship with your clients and the art of storytelling.

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