Training Benchmarks Expertise to Migration Agents & Lawyers

Training Benchmarks no longer exist since the introduction of the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) Levy in August 2018. However, there has been some confusion about Training Benchmark requirements and if companies are still required to comply. An approved business sponsor who has currently employed anyone who is on a 457 visa or anyone who is on a 482 visa, application for which was lodged on or before 11 August 2018, is obligated to meet training benchmark requirements.

McKkr’s is an industry leader in Training Benchmarks and offers expertise to Migration Agents and Lawyers to demonstrate how their client (sponsor) meets Training Benchmark requirements including traineeship/ apprenticeship/ professional development of principals of their business and/or training expenses incurred in-house, including other related expenses. If you are seeking assistance for your client, Discuss your Case with us today.

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Audits for Training Benchmarks
Training Benchmarks Expertise to Migration Agents and Lawyers

Training Requirements

Training Benchmarks has two options, Training Benchmark A and Training Benchmark B.Training Benchmark B requires that Australian businesses who sponsor individuals must expend 1% of their gross annual payroll on training staff who are Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Your client must submit proof of meeting this requirement for renewing their status as an approved business sponsor. Your client must also submit an auditable structured Training Plan as part of the sponsorship application which outlines clearly how they intend on training the Australian staff. At McKkr’s, we provide an obligation-free auditable structured Training Plan at no cost to all your clients.

Though the objective of this scheme is to train Australians, non-Australian employees can also be trained under this obligation as long as Australians are included in the training when the training is delivered to non-Australian employees. They can be employed by a company on full-time, part-time or even on a casual/contract basis.

We offer one of the largest selection of courses for Australian businesses to meet Training Benchmark B requirements which are suitable for most occupations and industries. We tailor our courses to suit the needs of your clients so that the training directly adds value to the bottom line by improving workplace productivity. We have training venues in all capital cities in Australia and deliver training Australia-wide.

As part of our services we also offer a free report on relevance of training for the business,which may be crucial for the success of the sponsorship obligation and on-going compliance, so Contact Us today.

Advantages of Training Benchmark B

Training Benchmark B is only 1% that is half the expense of Training Benchmark A. Training Benchmark B gives businesses the opportunity to upskill your own employees and improve workplace productivity, which adds direct value to the bottom line of the business.

Less staff turnover means more gains from not needing to train new staff. Businesses will be able to retain strong employees while saving on unnecessary recruitment costs. You can depend on ethical, prompt, professional and transparent services from McKkr’s to help your clients meet their Training Benchmark obligations.

Advantages of Training Benchmark B
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Training Plans

Having Training Plans in place is a part of meeting your client’s training obligations process. To order a McKkr’s Training Plan, click here to fill a form, which should not take more than one minute of your time. Upon receipt of the completed form, we will send you an obligation free structured auditable Training Plan meeting all requirements of Training Benchmark B for your client. You can find a list of our Training Courses here.

McKkr’s awards a Certificate of Completion of Training to all trainees and a Certificate to the client organisations for their commitment to training staff. To know more about your clients’ options Contact Us today or call us at +61 2 4626 1002 to speak to one of our experts.