Employment Contract

McKkr’s prepares a detailed and comprehensive employment contracts for all occupations to support various visa applications.We offer services to Migration Agents and Lawyers to lodge a Decision-Ready application with support of a professionally written Employment Contract for your clients in any industry. If you are seeking assistance for your client, Contact Us today.

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Thorough Employment Contract in support of visa applications plays a vital role in the success of your clients’ application. A well written Employment Contract is also required to support your client’s applications for various visas, including Labour Agreements with the Australian Government.

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Components of Employment Contract

McKkr’s prepares complete and compliant employment contracts for all occupations, covering all aspects of employment agreement as per Australian employment laws and also include a detailed job description that matches with the nominated ANZSCO classification for its duties & responsibilities. Our Employment Contracts also contain information regarding workplace rights, freedom of association of employees, protection from workplace discrimination, protection from unfair dismissal and effective relief for people who have been victimised in any manner.

The final contract will depend on the quality of information you and your clients share with us. All details shared with us remain confidential and are used only for the purpose of preparing their Employment Contracts.

Mckkr’s Employment Contracts are professionally written and are considered one of the best in the industry. Talk to our friendly coordinator at +61 2 4626 1002 to learn more about our Employment Contracts or fill this Form and we will get back to you shortly.