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McKkr’s prepares comprehensive and detailed Work Reference Letters for all occupations in support of various visa applications. We offer services to Migration Agents and Lawyers to lodge a Decision-Ready application with support of a professionally written Work Reference Letter for your clients in any industry. If you are seeking assistance for your client, Contact Us today.

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Importance of Work Reference Letters

Thorough Work Reference Letter in support of visa applications plays a vital role in the success of your clients’ application. A well written Work Reference Letter also supports applications for Skills Assessment with various Assessing Authorities, required for applying to many visa categories such as Skilled Migration Visas and Employer Sponsored Visas.

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Work Reference Letters

ANZSCO Code Requirements

The Assessing Authorities check your qualification and work experience against the ANZSCO code requirements. The Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) is a system that collects, publishes and analyses occupation statistics across government agencies. It is used by the Department to capture information in all visa, settlement and citizenship programs.Importantly, it is used within the skilled visa programs as the standard by which a visa applicant’s skills and work experience to undertake a specific occupation in Australia are assessed.

ANZSCO sets out what level of qualification/s and experience are required to perform specific jobs and what your clients’ tasks would be in that occupation. If your client is applying for a visa under skilled migration, the Department case officer assessing their visa application will want to see proof that they have undertaken the required qualifications and/or have the necessary work experience as outlined for relevant listed occupation in ANZSCO.

Work Reference Letter is the most important element of Skills Assessment as it reflects your skills and experience. Many a times the applicants do not address their competencies and skills adequately and do not cover the job tasks needed for a positive outcome. It may be a case where your clients have performed the tasks in the job but are either not covered or not correctly mapped with ANZSCO level tasks and competencies.

At McKkr’s, we specialise in preparing professional Work Reference Letters for all types of occupations to help your clients increase their chances of success for a positive skills assessment needed for various visa applications by the Department of Home Affairs.

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