Labour Market Testing

1. What’s Labour Market Testing?

The Labour Market Testing Report is a detailed report testing the local market for one
specific position to meet the Department of Home Affairs’ requirements for the
Employer Sponsored Visa Subclasses which requires your clients to test the
Australian labour market for suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizens or
permanent residents (or eligible temporary visa holders) to fill the position.

2. Which visa subclass needs Labour Market Testing?

Labour Market Testing is generally a requirement for Employer Sponsored Visa such
as Subclass 482 and Subclass 186 visas.

3. Do all occupations need Labour Market Testing?

Yes, all occupation require Labour Market Testing.

4. How long does it take for a Labour Market Testing report to be completed?

McKkr’s Labour Market Testing process usually takes between 5 – 6 weeks in total.
The job advertisement will generally be posted for 28 days.

5. What information is needed from my client company which is sponsoring an overseas worker?

As there are many aspects to be covered in the Labour Market Testing, a lot of
information about the company and the available position will be needed. McKkr’s
has an input sheet which needs to be fully filled by your client or you in allowing us
to complete the Labour Market Testing report.

6. How can I order a Labour Market Test report?

You can order a Market Salary Report from our website by clicking here. There will
be a form to be filled in with the company details and it will take only one minute of
your time. After submitting the form online, our team will contact you. Alternatively,
you can send an email to

7. What is included in this report?

Our LMT reports cover various LMT requirements of the Department of Home
Affairs such as job description, ad development, handling applications from
prospective Australian residents/ citizens and eligible temporary visa holders, short
listing eligible applicants, carrying out job interviews with shortlisted candidates,
preparing detailed matrix on suitability of potential applicants, taking feedback from
industry bodies, providing evidence of fee paid for recruitment, preparing detailed
results of recruitment attempts, preparing Labour Market Research Report, contacting
Government Agencies for Letter of Support, finding latest research references where
available etc.

8.When should the Labour Market Testing be provided?

It must be provided at the time of lodgement of the nomination application by your
client. Otherwise, your client’s nomination application may become invalid.

9. How old can the Labour Market Testing be?

For your clients to lodge a valid nomination application, the Australian labour market
has to be tested within six months prior to the date of their nomination application.