"Great CPD and lots of useful discussions."

MARN: 1572632

"A great day with lots of discussion about real life scenarios and case studies. I learnt a lot."

MARN: 0744285

"This was my very first CPD training and I loved it. Mr. Goyal was really engaging and discussed a variety of case studies."

MARN: 1789579

"It was a great learning day and I enjoyed meeting fellow migration agents."

MARN: 1577295

"Really great to be a part of the CPD program. I found the case studies extremely interesting and knowledgeable."

MARN: 0851345

"The session exceeded all my expectations."

MARN: 0746134

"I really enjoyed the session. There was a lot of interaction and the case studies were extremely interesting."

MARN: 1173666

"It was a very helpful CPD session. Mr Praveen Goyal has lots of experience and strong knowledge of the immigration sector."

MARN: 1682653

"It was an extremely well organised and intense CPD day. Mr Goyal had extensive knowledge. Thank you for coming to Adelaide!"

MARN: 1169782

"The session was very interactive and knowledgeable. We did a lot of case studies and discussions. First class experience delivered by Mr. Goyal."

MARN: 1466806

"The session covered S407, S187 and Partner visa. It was overall very informative and well explained by Mr. Praveen Goyal."

MARN: 1679096

"Praveen was extremely punctual and his discussions were to the point and extremely helpful."

MARN: 1572276

"It was an extremely useful and interactive session."

MARN: 157109

"It was an interactive session that helped me learn new things."

MARN: 1681141

"I have been practicing for only two years and this session helped me learn new things. I really liked the discussions."

MARN: 1678471

"The CPD was very informative and full of practical experiences and real life scenarios. The knowledge and sense of humour of Mr. Praveen made the experience even more enjoyable."

MARN: 1577606

"It was extremely interesting to hear all the real life experiences. I definitely learnt a lot."

MARN: 0958103

"It was a great presentation accompanied with interesting real life experiences."

MARN: 0964532

"It was extremely well organised and well delivered."

MARN: 0958672

"It was an extremely interesting and informative presentation. the material used was great and so were the discussions. "

MARN: 0212391