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McKkr’s offers quality human resources management, recruitment and other related services to clients from various backgrounds and industries throughout Australia. The company has relevant experience, resources, and the market knowledge needed to be a successful recruitment agency. Over the years, we have assisted many clients from corporates, industry bodies and other industry stakeholders in hiring the right candidates at an appropriate skill level with right mix of educational and work experience along with good English language skills to meet the employment needs in their industry.

McKkr’s has an extensive network and presence within Australia and outside, and is recognised as one of the leading companies in its industry with high customer loyalty and reputation for ethics and professionalism. At McKkr’s we know what it takes to meet the clients’ recruitment needs by sourcing highly skilled workers in a variety of occupations, especially in IT and aged and disabled care, who will not only fulfill your needs but will also add to Australia’s future productivity.

Recruitment Support
NSW releases new Occupation lists

List of Occupations

Aged and Disabled Care

  1. Disabilities Services Officer (ANZSCO 411712)
  2. Residential Care Officer (ANZSCO 411715)


  1. Computer Network and Systems Engineer (ANZSCO 263111)
  2. Developer Programmer (ANZSCO 261312)
  3. ICT Business Analyst (ANZSCO 261111)
  4. ICT Security Specialist (ANZSCO 262112)
  5. ICT Support Engineer (ANZSCO 263212)
  6. ICT Support Technicians NEC (ANZSCO 313199)
  7. Software Engineer (ANZSCO 261313)
  8. Systems Administrator (ANZSCO 262113)
  9. Web Developer (ANZSCO 262212)


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