Internships – Employers, what are you missing out?

Ah, internships. Everyone knows how important they can be at the beginning of anyone’s career. Being an intern is a unique opportunity. It is when students start a long journey towards their dream career and go through a big transformation of thoughts, beliefs, posture and attitudes that are very likely to define the future of their professional lives.

This is their opportunity to see years of studies and theories put into practice. This is when they understand what is really like to be an engineer, an accountant, or whatever profession they have chosen. And that is probably when they realise if they have made the right choice. An internship is usually students’ first contact with a work environment, and having a positive experience will be decisive in a promising future.

The benefits for students are so numerous and somehow obvious, that it may be hard to realise why a student wouldn’t be interested in going through this experience.

Employers however, may find it hard to see the benefits on their side, thinking about the time they have to spare for an intern in the office. What they might fail to realise is that this can be an enriching experience for both the employer and the intern.

Who wouldn’t want to have a qualified individual working for you, with fresh knowledge, just waiting for an opportunity to use it? Who wouldn’t want someone who is eager to work and learn everything about your business? Not to mention an intern can be a freshly new perspective over your old processes and procedures and perhaps they can have a better idea for that thing you have always done this way… Besides, college graduates belong to a generation that is very technology savvy and they definitely learn fast!

What’s more, what a wonderful experience it is to teach someone how to do something and pass on your knowledge and skills to someone else. The whole process of teaching and explaining will improve your communication skills (something that every professional, despite their experience should work on) and it might make you realise that a few of your processes are idle and perhaps useless.

Having an intern will give you the opportunity to rethink your organisation, your routine. It will bring innovative ideas and contribute to a changing work environment. Let’s not even mention here that such employees are of very low cost for the company and might be a good solution for the help you need with the low budget you have.

Last but not least, how great would it be for you to contribute positively to someone starting their career? We have all started at some point, and you might remember someone who taught you a lot when you were young and eager to start your professional life. Why can’t you be this someone in someone else’s life?

And how great would it be if they left your company praising you and your team and giving the word of mouth marketing we all know is very effective. How great is it to have people wanting to work for you? Or better yet, what if you make your intern an employee and save yourself the time and costs of recruitment, selection, induction and training?

What are you waiting for? Become a host company!

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