Investment helps secure greater prosperity for Australia

New research from the Economist Intelligence Unit has confirmed that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has a positive, causal impact on employment in Australia. Modelling based on data since 2000 has shown that a A$1 billion increase in FDI would result in the creation of around 1,000 Australian jobs. Australia was able to attract over A$140 billion in new foreign direct investment. This was up A$21.2 billion, or 17.8 per cent on the A$119 billion invested in Australia in 2013.

‘Investment and trade are two sides of the same coin, and without investment we would not have been able to create the strong national industries that underpin our economy.’ Minister Andrew Robb said.

‘To be clear, investment equals jobs and growth.’ The total stock of FDI in Australia as at year end 2014, amounted to A$688 billion, or 2.2 per cent of total global FDI.

The investment outcomes by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) in terms of the number of projects supported, were up 28 per cent in the fiscal year 2014/15, reaching almost A$7.75 billion.

You can read all of the figure here.

It is an informative resource providing detailed snapshots of the latest trends in Australia’s international investment position with the world (both inwards and outwards) as well as a summary of the world direct investment position. With the investments and employment opportunities in Australia growing it is extremely essential that people looking for work are ready to be employed.

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