Should You Follow Your Passion?

As a young graduate or professional, it’s easy to suffocate in the bubble of conflicting advice. The media feeds us stories of those who found contentment in their dream jobs. There’s the accountant that became a Master Chef, the librarian who became an author, but is ‘following your passion’ the right advice for everyone?

Here’s a healthy dose of reality.

It’s great to follow your passion, but we do live in the real world and I’m sure you know it’s not all a magic carpet ride. To truly reach your potential, a healthy balance of being a realist and a dream catcher is the best way forward.

Ask yourself these questions.

Are you good at what you enjoy?

Do some soul searching to discover what your strongest, natural skills are. What do your friends say your qualities are? What have you consistently been good at? Once you start identifying these skills, you can explore careers that will allow you to grow and succeed.

Are there jobs available in your aspired field?

As idealistic as it sounds to be a free spirit and being carried away at a whim to a new adventure, at some point in life you will want to buy food or pay the bills. So it would help if your dream job would actually pay you!
It’s absolutely crucial to conduct research into whether your passion will lead to job opportunities and what kind of skills they look for.

Refine and develop your skills

If you have found a career path that you’re interested in, why not gain some experience? Whatever you choose to do, the best way to develop your career is to start with your strengths, work hard and continue to improve your skills with relevant training and experience. Internships are a great way to get that all important entry level experience and decide whether that career path is suited to you.

If it’s a hobby related passion, it doesn’t necessarily have to take over your life. You can still enjoy skydiving or horse riding on the weekends without feeling the urge to make a living out of it.

Feeling like you’re ready to mould your passions or interests into a career, but need some realistic advice? Avoid the Hollywood movies, just speak to the team at Mckkr’s instead.  We live on the real end of life and we are passionate about helping you!



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