To move or not to move?

In this highly mobile age, globetrotting has become a very popular trend. However before one decides to leave his/her home country, a lot of questions pop in the mind…

Will the move involve sacrificing my career?                               

Will I be able to handle a new country, new policies and procedures?

Will I have access to some expert advice?

And the list is never ending

Ages ago, when people used to migrate cities, states or countries things were less complicated or maybe that generation was stronger… more than ready to burn their bridges and wholeheartedly accept whatever risks came their way. Today we entangle ourselves with multiple questions, seek endless advice and involve ourselves in a long debate of whether to move or not to move! It is only natural to feel a little scared, insecure and doubtful when leaving a comfort zone where everything is in its place- the house, the job, the family, the mates!

But today these thrill seekers are very lucky to have more guidance than ever before.

As a result of these growing individual concerns, organizations have identified a market segment that they can cater to. This is how we see a number of successful migration centres, educational centres, internship and training centres working endlessly to make this transition as smooth as it can be.

At McKkr’s, we strive to help you with your initial years of career through offering Occupational Training. We have been successful in placing many different candidates (onshore and offshore) with our host employers in Australia. Not only that, we also work with other partner companies to offer visa assistance and expert advice to new and existing migrants in Australia.

If you feel doubtful or lost about your new move, feel free to call us at (02) 46261002.

For more details, you can always visit our face book page or send us a query at

You’re not alone in this journey… We are always here for you!

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