How to pep up those hours at work

Many a times we seem to be exhausted at work. We tend to reduce our productivity and don’t feel like going to work the next day. But you can’t afford to do that at the cost of the organisation. You need to complete all the pending tasks but can’t risk your health at the same time. A proper routine and a few changes in the way you work would contribute to make you feel good at work. We are listing some ways that would help you to feel less stressed at your workplace. But when you’re working, keep other distracting thoughts away.

Don’t work continuously:

Working continuously only reduces your productivity and makes work seem to be very boring for you. It is important that after working for 2 hours or so, you take a break, sit down at your place and just relax for 2 minutes or if it is possible for you, get up breathe some fresh air and it would make you feel a lot better. Once you come back you would feel more motivated to work.

A proper posture:

Most of the times, what is incorrect is our posture at work. Bending your neck too deep or not sitting straight can take a toll on your body. So, sit straight and do not bend your neck too much when you are working. Keep altering your posture every few hours so that you feel less stressed.

Set targets:

Setting targets helps you to divide your work properly and finish it on time. It helps you to plan the work and eliminate any unwanted time in between.


Devoting more time to the more important tasks would help you to feel less burdened and it would help you to perform the important work well.

A proper routine:

Proper sleep and a proper diet shall help you to be at your best at work. Lack of a proper routine shall only disturb your hours at work. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated when you are working.

Relax and refresh during weekends:

On Sundays and other holidays keep your mind off work and relax, rejuvenate and refresh your mind so that you are ready for the upcoming week.

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