Report Writing Assistance from McKkr’s

McKkr’s Pty Ltd provides training and migration support services for migration and education industry.

Report writing for visa and sponsorship applications is one of the migration support services that McKkr’s specialises in. McKkr’s team is competent in understanding the requirement of its clients and can help in establishing effective and complete reports that are required by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection, previously DIAC).

The expertise of report writing is developed with knowledge and experience. The team at McKkr’s has it all! So, you can be confident to pass on your report writing tasks to us and we will be happy to assist you in the best ways possible.

Reports may be of many types and we specialise in customised reports for the following cases:


Business Plan

A business plan gives an idea of the working of a business with details about its market standing and finance. A business plan bears confidential information about the business and McKkr’s strives to maintain the confidentiality of the business plans.


Market Salary Report

For businesses to run successfully, it is important that the employees are satisfied and employee satisfaction comes along with justified salary packages. McKkr’s helps its clients by conducting a detailed analysis and research of the market to provide the employers with all the information related to salaries of different occupations.


Labour Market Testing

In order to give priority to Australians for various job positions, a Labour Market Test report is required to be furnished by the employers looking to hire workers from other countries for any vacancies. A LMT report only checks that there are no workers in Australia who are fit for the job vacancy.


Employment Contract

McKkr’s specializes in preparing detailed contracts for employment for various organisations covering all the clauses as per their requirements.


Genuineness of the Position & Relevance of Training

McKkr’s creates reports to justify that a nominated position is genuine in nature and scope of the business. Relevance of Training reports are prepared for sponsoring businesses.


Audit For Training Benchmarks

An audit report justifying the expenditure and the way training was carried on for different benchmarks is prepared by McKkr’s.


New Company Formation

McKkr’s can assist its clients in all the decision-making related to the creation of a new company by providing a detailed report on the same.


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