Australia looking to expand the work and holiday visa

Backpackers from 13 countries are being encouraged to explore regional businesses to work
and study at the same time.

The Australian Government wants to fill the vacancy for labour shortages in regional areas
particularly on farms. Minister for Home Affairs said that working holiday-makers travel
further into regional areas than most other international workers. The Minister countered
suggestions that the work and holiday visa is becoming a channel for low-skill migrant
workers. The applicants applying for this visa must meet minimum requirement before a
visa can be granted, including functional level of English and they must hold or be studying
towards tertiary qualifications”. The Farmers’ Federation though welcomed the idea are
lobbying for an agricultural visa and the Prime Minister has not ruled out on this visa.
Countries being targeted in expansion for the work and holiday visa are:

India , Brazil , Mexico , Philippines , Switzerland , Fiji , Solomon Islands , Croatia , Latvia ,
Lithuania , Andorra , Monaco , Mongolia

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