An Indigenous boy from the Northern Territory is taking his message on Aboriginal-led education and youth incarceration to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Dujuana strong and motivated kid who wants to change the education system for aboriginal kids wants to bring focus to his plight. He recently visited UN to make a speech and is now hoping to sit with Prime Minister Scott Morrison to share his story. 


Dujuansaid the threat of jail was a very real concern among Indigenous children in his community. Close to 100 per cent of the youths in jail in the Northern Territory are Indigenous Australians.Nationally, nearly 600 children are detained in jails each year with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids over-represented.

He is hoping that Mr Morrison watches the film and says he would like to sit down with the Prime Minister personally to share his story. He has yet receive a response, but in the meantime is working with his grandmothers through the group Children's Ground to promote an Indigenous-education model.

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