The advantages of networking

“The industry can be a bit daunting in the beginning, but things eventually get better in terms of support from other members of the industry. You are quite isolated when you first start up, but with regular training, CPD and networking; you soon build up a good peer group and knowledge base.”

ME Alliance member, Terry Collier (MARN: 1280360)


They say never miss an opportunity to grow. Networking gives us this exact opportunity. When you network you give and receive.

By simply meeting and talking to people, you develop a rapport that can get you long-term relationships and long lasting impressions among your profession.

What else we get from networking?

  • Building connections. An opportunity to grow our circle of business contacts.
  • Making friends. It’s always good to have friends in the industry.
  • Staying informed. We learn about what others are offering and what’s new in the market.
  • Information sharing. We can seek and provide assistance on various matters.
  • Stepping out means promoting ourselves.
  • Making an impression. We can make positive influence and add credibility to our companies/brands.
  • Self Esteem. By sharing, we play our positive role in contributing to the industry.
  • Communication. We can’t communicate unless we know each other; and we will not know each other unless we meet.
  • Socialise. We hardly get time to talk to each other. Networking events give us the time to meet like-minded in a relaxed environment, and at no cost of our work.


ME Alliance is hosting a networking event for RMAs and education agents in Sydney this coming September, and would like all its members to attend. More than half of permanent settlers in Australia come here as students. RMAs and education agents can benefit heaps from working closely to develop their clientele and businesses in these very inter-related professions.

And besides, for all the hard work all year round, you all deserve a break once a while!

To express interest in attending the event, just drop us a single-liner at: and we will call you back.

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