Internships – a give and take benefit for employers and students

Internships are a great learning experience for students and help by providing exposure to them at a young age. Internships are a great way to start your career and gain practical knowledge of the field that you are studying in. Besides, it helps you to collect some extra pocket money to pay your expenses.

Internships are beneficial for employers too, because they can avail cheap and competent labour. The employer would otherwise have to hire some professional at a higher salary. Just some training is all that interns require and the young students are fresh and young to learn all that is taught to them.

An internship allows students to explore different kinds of work-roles and gain an overall idea of how a workplace functions and they can prepare themselves for the challenges to come, in future. Internships expose students to situations that help in building of leadership and personality skills. Apart from the above, the students find it easier to find jobs, if they have had a work or internship experience.

From the point of view of employers, it helps them to get a smart and young workforce which can really contribute to a rise in the productivity of the company. Many employers end up having long-term relations with their interns as they find them fit to work as an employee for their company. For attaining any short-term goals that the company is looking to fulfil, for example raising the sales in a quarter; internships can provide the best source to achieve such targets.

For students, internships act as a quick source of income and a great learning experience. Internships help students to become more confident before they step in to the actual work-life. Students are ready to try new things and so, they are perfect for performing all kinds of work for the organisation. It helps students to become aware of the types of organisations and the type of career they would wish to step in to.

So, internships bring out the talent in young college students and make for easy, short-term employees for organisations.

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