Corporate Training – why not?

What employer does not dream about a highly-qualified committed team? People who can deliver their products or services in the best possible way, who add value to their organisation, who develop their skills and contribute to organisational climate and results. It is known now that this dream team can be part of the reality of many companies all around the globe, as long as these companies invest in their most valuable asset: their people.

Corporate Training has always proven to be beneficial to organisations worldwide and there is no doubt about that. The real question lies in why so many employers are reluctant to training their staff or even do not see it as a priority in their organisations. Taking that into account, the Australian Government is encouraging employers to invest in corporate training using it as a requirement for 457 and 186 sponsoring visas. The companies wishing to sponsor an employee will have to meet training benchmarks. Training benchmark A consists of a donation of 2% of their annual payroll to government educational institutions. We, however, help companies meet training benchmark B.

What’s training Benchmark B?

Employer sponsors in Australia contribute at least 1% of the annual payroll to the provision of training for their employees who are Australian Citizens or permanent residents. Employer sponsors are also committed to maintain this contribution for the term of approval as sponsor.

How we help

To meet the benchmark, we provide the widest variety of courses and we can help you with the best choice for your organisation. We can provide customised training plans within 2 working days of application.

By choosing the correct course to an organisation, meeting training benchmark B will be highly beneficial to the organisation and its staff, developing people’s skills and contributing to a better work environment. Not to mention better results for the company in the long and short run.

Our courses are fun and provide practical tools to make people’s work more efficient and pleasant. They benefit both employers and employees, contributing positively to any sort of corporate organisation.

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