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Training Benchmark B
Get yourself an accredited Australian qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning
We offer Occupational Training to elegible non-residents under our sponsorship (402 visa)
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Reports for various Visas Subclasses

Report writing services including Business Plans, Market Salary Research, Genuine Position and Labour Market Testing in support of applications for various visa subclasses.

Auditable Training for
Training Benchmark B

Corporate Training delivered Australia wide to sponsoring businesses that must meet Training Benchmark requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Occupational Training
for 402 Visa

McKkr’s sponsorship under visa subclass 402 is a great opportunity for people who wish to enhance their skills in their occupation in Australia.



Internship opportunities for applicants seeking training and looking to gain work experience with Australian employers.


for Migration Agents

While 100% of participating migration agents rated McKkr's CPD as the one that exceeded their expectations, around 25% of the participants rated McKkr's CPD as the best CPD of their career!

Recognition of
Prior Learning (RPL)

Have your skills recognised. Get accredited Australian qualifications from Certificate to Diploma levels through RPL and Workplace Assessment on the basis of your skills and experience in a particular occupation.