Training Benchmarks

Training Benchmarks still apply and sc457 sponsors must ensure that they meet this sponsorship obligation before applying for sc186 visa under the Transition Stream.

  • Please note that Training Benchmarks still apply to all sc457 Sponsors who have or had sc457 visa holders working for them
  • The Skilling Australia Fund (SAF) Levy applies to new nominations made after 12th August 2018 only on sc482,  sc186 and sc187 visas.
  • sc457 sponsor companies who wish to nominate workers on sc482 and sc186/ sc187 visas will need to provide evidence of having met their Training Benchmark obligations.

Please also note that sc482 sponsors who had nominated workers after the implementation of sc482 but before the implementation of SAF on 12th August 2018 will also need to meet their Training Benchmark obligations.

McKkr’s is a leading Training Benchmark B Provider and has successfully delivered training under Training Benchmark B to thousands of sponsoring companies and have helped RMAs. If you have missed training, please feel free to contact us. As part of our services of providing Free Auditable Training Plan for Training Benchmark B, we are also now providing Free Submissions to support Training Benchmark gaps and other issues in relation to Training Benchmarks for RMAs to help their clients.  We have over 1000 courses to choose from to suit any industry and occupation and have 100% success rate for Training Benchmark B.

Do not risk sc187 and sc186 applications under TRT by not meeting Training Benchmark obligations.

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