Training Benchmarks are still required

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Please note that:

  • training Benchmarks still apply to all sc#457 Sponsors who have or had sc457 visa holders working for them.
  • the #Skilling Australia Fund (#SAF) Levy applies to only new nominations made after 12th August 2018 on sc#482, sc#186 and sc#187 visas.
  • Sc457 sponsor companies who wish to nominate workers on sc482 and sc186/ 187 visas will need to provide evidence of having met their #Training Benchmark obligations.

Please also note that sc482 Sponsors who had nominated workers after the implementation of sc482 but before the implementation of SAF on 12th August 2018 will also need to meet their Training Benchmark obligations.

At McKkr’s we may help if your clients are short of meeting Training Benchmark obligations. We are not only providing FREE #Auditable Training Plans for the current periods and any missed periods but also FREE Submission to support the nomination applications for sc186 and sc187 visas.

In relation to Training Benchmarks, there have been several questions from RMAs, and our response to these questions are:

Q1:     For sc457 sponsors, do they need to continue fulfilling the Training Benchmark obligations if they are still employing 457 visa holders. What if the 457 visa holder has lodged the 186TRT after 12 August 2018. How long do they need to continue this obligation?

Response:     Until the sc186 visa is granted, because until then the worker would be working while holding sc457 visa or a bridging visa. Please note that SAF levy paid for sc186/ 187 visa is a one-off levy for sc186/ 187 visa and has nothing to do with sc457 sponsorship obligations.

Q2:     Is it sufficient if the sc457 sponsors fulfil the Training Benchmark obligations for the completed sponsorship years prior to 12 August 2018 and discontinued this obligation?

Response:     Training Benchmark obligations will continue to apply as long as the sponsors have at least one sc457 visa holder working for them for whom the SAF levy has not been paid either for 482 or 186/ 187 visas.

Q3:    For those 186-TRT lodged, with sponsors only fulfilling the Training Benchmark obligations for the completed sponsorship years prior to 12 August 2018, they would have missed out the Training Benchmark obligations for the current sponsorship year. How could this be remedied?

Response:     At McKkr’s, we are helping RMAs in preparing a tailored submission to the Department of Home Affairs, FOR FREE, if we are the provider of Training Benchmark B for a sponsor OR if we are hired now to write Auditable Training Plan and deliver training for the current or missed year(s).

For any further queries, please feel free to cal us on 02-4626 1002.

Do not forget that McKkr’s training delivery is valid for Training Benchmark B and McKkr’s is a leading Training Benchmark B provider in the country having delivered thousands of trainings under Training Benchmark B with 100% success.

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