The ongoing high demand for Provisional Skills Assessments (PSA) has caused an increase in the time it takes to complete PSA application assessments, currently around 90 days.

Processing time can be reduced by ensuring that all applications are submitted ‘decision ready’ which means all necessary documentation is included. The evidence required in the application should clearly support:

  • The applicant’s qualification or work experience claim; and,
  • Employment information includes supervisor or employer contact details that can be clearly associated with the business.

Incomplete or unclear information is a primary reason for delays and may result in an application being made unsuccessful. Supplementary information will be requested if needed for clarification but reducing the need for multiple exchanges will assist to speed up the process.

Processing timeframes are also affected by a large number of general enquiries, particularly those simply seeking a status update. Applications are processed in order of receipt and TRA will not consider any requests to expedite the processing of an application. The high volume of general enquiries has a net effect of slowing assessments down.

There has recently been a change in the time allowed by TRA for application documents to be submitted to the Department after the applicant has registered and paid online. From 1 April 2019, the period has been reduced to 14 days to align TRA timelines with the requirements of the Department.

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