Minister seeking to repeal asylum seeker medevac laws

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is preparing to attempt to repeal asylum seeker medical transfer laws, with amendments before parliament.

The Minister argues the legislation will ensure the Australian government is able to determine who enters the country, and maintain the objectives of Operation Sovereign Borders.  The Opposition Leaders refuse to support the bill.

What is Medevac Law?

The laws, which came into effect in March this year, allow for urgently sick asylum seekers held on Manus Island or Nauru to be transferred to Australia temporarily on the advice of two independent Australian doctors. The person must be assessed as requiring medical or psychiatric assessment or treatment because they are not receiving appropriate treatment in Manus or Nauru. But the transfer has to be approved within 72 hours by the minister. The minister can block the transfer if they suspect the person poses a national security risk or has a substantial criminal record.

Since the laws have passed, 40 people have been brought to Australia for medical treatment.

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