Job Opportunities in South Australia

Employers are looking overseas for applicants to fill gaps in tradie jobs in Adelaide

Occupations such as mechanics, forklift drivers, carpenters, panel beaters, engineers, electricians and plumbers are some of the industries struggling to fill jobs locally and Industries are looking at overseas workers to fill vacant positions. DAMA SA has made it easier for employers to now recruit overseas for employees to full jobs.

Younger generations prefer using technology and outsourcing of manufacturing offshore has left Adelaide industries struggling with a skills shortage.

Panel beaters earn a median annual income of nearly $56,000, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, while other jobs with a skills shortages in Adelaide fetch higher wages. An electricians’ median income is $83,000.

“The Marshall Government’s Skilling South Australia initiative to create 20,800 additional apprenticeships and traineeships over four years is geared towards addressing this situation where the jobs are there but skills gaps in the workforce need filling.”

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