Job growth in Australia over the next five years

The labour market in Australia is strong and constantly evolving, with the number of workers in most industries expected to grow over the next five years. There are likely to be around 886,000 more jobs by 2023.

The top industries for expected jobs growth over the next five years are in:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Construction
  • Education and Training
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Hospitality (food preparation)

Almost two in every three newly created jobs will come from these industries.

These are not the only industries that are likely to do well in the coming years as increased demand for jobs in one industry will create demand in other related industries.

Reasons for expected jobs growth include:

  • An ageing population and shifting demographics and reliance on ¬†Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  • Growing demand for health therapy, health diagnostics, midwifery and nursing and home-care based services.
  • Capital investment in infrastructure.
  • Evolving computer system design and changing priorities in the management and consulting services sectors.
  • Increased involvement in sport at all levels.
  • Resilience to increasing job automation.
  • Strong demand for qualified food technicians and food delivery services.
  • Strong domestic and international tourism.
  • A changing emphasis on continuous learning such as adult and community education, employment educational support and private tutoring.
  • Growing demand for childcare and child education.
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