GSM update 2019/20 program for South Australia

South Australia continues to offer a high point’s pathway for applicants from a list of 498 occupations who have a minimum of 80 points on the Department of Home Affair’s points test (including state nomination points).

Applications for state nomination will be open on the Immigration SA Apply website from mid afternoon on Wednesday 3 July 2019. An expanded State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) has been published for 2019/20 with 275 occupations available for applicants residing offshore or in South Australia. Health, ICT, social welfare, STEM and trade occupations feature on the SNOL.

An additional 223 occupations are available on the Supplementary Skilled List (SSL). SSL occupations are available to four categories of applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to South Australia or are high calibre applicants.  The four categories are:

  • International graduate of South Australia;
  • Worked in a skilled occupation in Australia for the last 12 months;
  • There are immediate family members residing in Australia for 24 months or more; or
  • Holds high points

The minimum points requirement for applicants for the ICT occupation has increased to 75 points from 65 points due to the increase in applications received in this occupation. International graduates will be required to have only 65 points in the ICT occupation.

Immigration SA has also amended their policy due to which now International students holding provisional 489 visa and who have been in SA continuously for the last 7 years and continue to reside in SA will be eligible to apply for State Nomination

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