Changes introduced to the Job Ready Program by Trades Recognition Australia

Changes were introduced on the 10 July 2019 to Job Ready monthly /quarterly journal process and the Employment verification process.

From 10 July 2019 TRA is changing the way it monitors a JRE participant’s work experience and skills development during steps 2-4 of the program. JRE participants will no longer be required to complete a monthly work journal entry through the online portal. This will be replaced by a new, simpler Quarterly Progress Report process. The new template for this quarterly report will be emailed to participants every three months, or as required, for completion until a successful Job Ready Workplace Assessment is achieved. Current JRE participants will no longer have access to the JRE Journal page in the online portal after 10 July 2019, but the number of validated work hours can still be viewed.

Applicants must enter the date they started working with an employer during the online JRE application process and must provide supporting pay evidence for the period being claimed with their application documents. Only pay evidence submitted as part of the application will be considered by TRA.

Further applicants and current participants will now be able to download an Employment Verification Report relevant to their nominated occupation from the TRA website. The Report must be completed and signed by the employer and/or supervisor who signs the Employment Registration Form. It must be provided to TRA with any Employment Registration Form.

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