Amendments to Subclass 600 and 870 visas.

Migration Regulations Schedule 2 of the Migration Amendment (Subclass 600 and 870
Visas) Regulations 2019 [F2019LO1653] amendments from 29 February 2020. Schedule 8
clause 8609 has been inserted. These changes apply to visa applications made on or after
29 February 2020 [Schedule 13 Part 88 Clause 8802].

This condition will remove the need to provide details not less than 2 working days before
the change occurs. It also removes the requirement for the visa holder to provide a user
name and online profile. The visa holder must now notify Immigration of a change to any of
the following within 14 days after the change occurs. The visa holder’s name, residential
address, email address, phone number and passport details.

In the Subclass 600 Frequent Traveler Stream Schedule 8 clause 8609 has been inserted.
[Schedule 2 600.615]

In the Subclass 870 Long Stay Temporary Parent Schedule 8 Clause 8609 replaces 8550
[Schedule 2 870.611] Follow Us:

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