Perfect Employer-Employee Relationship

A good employer employee relationship can contribute a lot to the progress of the organisation. It is important that an employer’s relationship with his employee is a pleasant one.

An employer should be encouraging and supportive so that the employer is able to push the employee to the best.

The organisation must strive to make sure that the employees are working in a safe and healthy work environment so that they are able to perform their best.

Some of the points that employers and employees need to make a note of for a good organisational climate are:


The most important element of a perfect employer-employee relationship is communication. The employer must be approachable so that the employee is able to list all his concerns and clarify the work-related doubts. On the other hand, employees must be willing to communicate and take the employer in to confidence so that they act in the organisation’s interest.


The employer and employee must work as a team and motivate each other to go higher and higher for their individual as well as organisational growth.


The employee should respect the employer’s position and support him in his quest for a better organisation. The employer should also protect the interests of the employee.


The kind of attitude that the employer as well as the employee share for each other is extremely important. The employer as well as the employee must make a note that when they are at work, they should maintain the formal code of conduct and forget the informal relationship that they share outside the workplace.


The employer and the employee should have each other’s back to face any challenge that comes their way. Unity brings out the best in us and so the employer and the employee should support each other mutually.


One of the important things in achieving a perfect employer-employee relationship is that the employer must appreciate the employee for any well-performed task so that the employee feels a sense of acknowledgement. On the other hand, the employee must express his gratitude for the employer for any kind of help that is offered to him by the employer.

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