Opening the first door to your dream career

Fresh graduates are always full of hopes and expectations about their careers.  But why can’t the best students nail their dream jobs?

Lack of experience. If you have searched for a job in Australia, you know how hard it is to even be called for an interview when you have university qualifications but no experience. Even the most brilliant students from the best universities in the country may find it hard to find a position in a corporate organisation. We know it sounds unfair, but experience does count. And here is a reasonable explanation. Work environment has little to do with the atmosphere at university.  A professional attitude is very relevant to any job position and that can be easily acquired through experience. Another point is that someone who has been part of a professional team naturally develops better communication skills, creativity and critical thinking. Three of the essential features employers look for. However, the obvious question is: How can we gain experience if that is required for any position?

If you have been looking for a job that may be the feeling. The quick answer is Internships. Internships will open the first door to your dream career. You will be able to develop your skills, put what you have learnt into practice, and gain professional experience and exposure. Several renowned companies are looking for interns in the most diverse areas and fields. That is your chance to work for a big organisation and have the experience that is required for your dream jobs or dream employers.

Whether the internship is paid or unpaid the benefits are numerous. Gain visibility, have experienced professionals as your mentors and supervisors, learn a lot from them and give your fresh perspective on their procedures. Your internship experience can be the beginning of a great professional career. You may even be hired by the same company in the future, or at least have them as your referees for future opportunities. That will definitely depend on our performance. So, take this unique opportunity seriously and make the most of it. International students, be prepared! Good communication skills in English are not only appreciated but a minimum requirement. Do your best to improve your oral and written communication skills to take part in an internship program.

If you are willing to take this chance and find yourself an internship, we are happy to help!

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