Occupations in-demand that may assist with permanent residency in Australia

Many dream of migrating to another country to fulfil their dreams for better careers, for a different lifestyle for their family, or just for a new adventure. According to Culture Trip, Australia is a particularly popular destination to move abroad, because of its reputation for an excellent quality of life.

Australia has one of the biggest immigration programs in the world.  Due to growing interest and migration to Australia in 2017-2018, in the 2019 budget the Australian Government has capped migration to 160,000 places for 2019-20.  The Skilled streams have been allocated 108,682 places, the family streams has been allocated 47,732 places and the special eligibility has 236 places.

Of 108,682 places allocated for the skilled streams in 2019-20, only 18,652 places have been allocated to Skilled Independent visas which allow migrants to settle anywhere in Australia. This means that a major chunk of skilled migrants will settle in regional Australia, with 23,000 places allocated for regional visas.

Of the 24,968 visas allocated for State/Territory nominations, a significant number of people nominated for them will be required to live outside Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Occupations in Demand

Based on the skills and qualifications demonstrated in the Expression of Interest submitted by a prospective visa applicant, the Department of Home Affairs invites the visa applicant to submit a visa application. As per research and data available the top 5 occupations have been:

  1. Health and social assistance occupations. In the year 2018-2019, Australia has reserved over 17,300 places for registered nurses under the Skilled stream. Nurses (Enrolled, registered, Midwife), Physiotherapist, sonographer optometrist, hospital/retail pharmacist, occupational therapist are all growing occupation with particular demand in rural and regional areas.
  2. Accountant (General). Employers in Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory experience difficulty in filling their vacancies for accountants. A majority of accounting graduates reported finding work within four months after graduation.
  3. Secondary school Teacher / Special Needs Teacher / Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher. The minimum points required to apply is 65 points under the Skilled Independent stream. There is a healthy market for teaching positions in Australia both in rural and metro regions.
  4. Software and Applications Programmers. This in-demand occupation attracts a very high number of applicants and the quota is exhausted quickly.
  5. Cooks. Hospitality is a fast growing industry in Australia, which means that cooks have increased chances of employment. There are also many visa pathways to Australia leading to permanent residency.

The Australian Government is focused in addressing skills gaps in the economy and there is a push for more settlement in regional areas to ease population pressure in Melbourne and Sydney.  The Federal Government has introduced new pathways to migrate to Australia and live in regional Australia for 5 years.

Getting Assistance

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