Job shortages being faced by Australian Small Business

Small Businesses account for 97% of all Australian enterprises. To put things into perspective, Victoria experienced a 4.8% increase in its small business sector for the year of 2018 which is the highest on record. This imminent growth however, comes with its challenges. One of those challenges includes stress on recruitment.

Almost half (48%) of Australian Small Businesses report the recruitment of skilled employees as a challenge for their business, potentially hindering their growth plans for 2018. In a large-scale study commissioned and released by Indeed, one quarter of Australian Small Businesses cite recruitment as their biggest challenge, with 40% believing it to be harder today than it was five years ago, despite two thirds reporting that they plan to expand their workforce in 2018.

According to this report, it takes Australian Small Businesses an average of five weeks and $3300 to fill a position, with close to half spending more than $1000 each time, which represents a big investment.

With access to fewer resources, this is an arena where 407 Training Visas can be utilised. Migration Agents have access to high quality recruitment opportunities that are democratised. As Migration Agents, we can reach the most relevant talent at a cost that suits everyone’s budget. By understanding the company’s unique appeal and using tools that cater to motivated prospective 407 applicants, Small Businesses can experience great success in recruiting quality candidates faster and at less cost.

Tighter budgets, limited time and no dedicated HR department are just some of the sticking points and we can close these gaps and make the process of recruitment easier. Fast growth in particular sectors and the need to fill roles quickly also creates strain.

The Indeed report compiled a list of the jobs that small business find the hardest to fill ranked and these include: English teacher, facilitator, chiropractor, general practitioner, fitness trainer, real estate agent, dental technician, plasterer, and architect. If these are occupations which you are pursuing and/or have experience in, this is something to keep in mind when thinking about training opportunities.

It is also worth noting that small business usually aren’t encumbered with the same bureaucracy as large companies. If you think you have found the right employer, Mckrrs’ is a leader in the Migration Industry in 407 Training Visas and we are happy to assist with any and all applications you require, as we work closely with businesses to nominate suitable people.

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