International students, temporary migrants benefit from ME Alliance Migration Seminar

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The Migration and Education Alliance of Australia in association with Cambridge English organised a migration seminar on 11 June to bring the international students and community members the latest valuable skilled migration, English skills and points test policies.

This seminar was a first in a series of many such gatherings; as ME Alliance aims to have smaller, but consistent events so members of the public can get to talk at length and face-to-face with experts who can assist them on individual basis.

ME Alliance thanks its communication partners; Indian Link and Mr. Miqdad Hasan from Career DC. Many thanks also to all those who attended and those who emailed their questions.

As a commitment to positive contribution to the migration and education industry, ME Alliance will continue to connect those who need professional advice to those who are experienced in solving complex migration issues.

If you have any migration related queries for one of our members, please feel free to email us on and we will forward your query to one of our esteemed members.

For students or migration who would like to share their migration journeys, we are always happy to share your stories via ME Magazine, ME Connect and our website.

We are committed to work together with student associations at universities and social communities to ensure the migration and visa knowledge are accessible to students and community members. Your feedback and interaction help us to formulate better events that serve the needs of the education and migration community.

If you would like to be kept informed about any such event in future, please email us and subscribe to ME Connect.

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