Every employer is searching for the right candidate who fulfils all the requirements of the employer. But, how would an employee make out what the prospective employer wants? We try to bridge the gap between candidates looking for jobs in Australia and the prospective employers.

We give you an idea of how to prepare yourself for the next job interview so that you crack it:



The most important document that you need to prepare for your interview is your résumé. The résumé should act as a mirror of your personality, your achievements and it should bear all the necessary information related to you. Also, before you go for the interview with the employer, whether online, over the phone or on-site, you need to familiarise yourself with every single word that you have put down on your résumé. You need to have a justification for everything that you have written there.


Read about the company

The next thing that impresses the employer is the fact that the employee is aware of the company, what it works for and other related information before joining the company. It depicts that you are genuinely interested in the job. Also, understand the role that you are being hired for and know how you would contribute to the organisation.


Establish a professional connection

Set up a professional background before you apply for work, or at least before you go for the interview. Employers like to know about the applicants and their professional background through portals like LinkedIn.



Reaching the venue of the interview in time helps you to build a good impression on the employer. You can prepare yourself well mentally if you reach before time.



When the employer puts any questions before you, the tough ones in particular, they are basically observing the amount of confidence you project while answering them. They may not be interested in your answers but want to be sure that you can take on challenges.


Formal Dress code and posture

It goes without saying that prospective employers expect a certain degree of professionalism and seriousness towards the job. So, a well-dressed candidate earns some bonus points at the time of selection. The employee must also maintain a good body-language and avoid giving any wrong or misleading signs.


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