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World’s largest island, Australia, is a dream come true for everyone. But before you think about migrating, decide what you want to do in Australia. Do you want to study or work or simply take a trip? Depending on your answer to this question, there are different visa options available.

Visa application process can be difficult and time-consuming, and even minor mistakes in the application can be costly!

Whatever your situation is, we at Migration Centre of Australia with years of experience in successfully handling complex cases are well equipped with handling your case and make the process easier for you.

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Experience a stress-free

Visa application process

World’s largest island, Australia

Is a dream come true for everyone

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  • Skilled Migration Visas

    Australia provides opportunities for skilled individuals living in other parts of the world to migrate to Australia. The Skilled Migration stream is based on point-tested system to gain permanent residency in Australia. It involves submitting an Expression of Interest, obtaining assessment of your skills and then finally applying for a visa.

  • Training and Temporary Activity Visas

    This visa category allows you to upgrade skills and create better prospects for future by participating in occupational training or professional development in Australia or if you are from a specific industries who want to come and perform in Australia for the duration of an event.

  • Family Migration Visas

    Family Migration stream offers a range of visas for eligible relatives like as parents, children and partners to come to Australia. Each of these visas provides applicants with the opportunity to come together and be with their family member residing in Australia.

  • Business Visas

    If you have sound business knowledge and wish to make an investment in a new business in Australia then you may achieve permanent residency status in Australia through a business visa or investor visa pathway.

  • Employer Sponsored Visas

    Employer Sponsored stream offers temporary or permanent residency visas for skilled workers to work in Australia in certain occupations that are experiencing skill shortage in Australia. These visas are available if you are sponsored and nominated by your employer.

  • Student and Graduate Visas

    Australia is a great place to come for further studies for international students. Apart from world class universities, there are endless opportunities to enrol in various other diploma level courses. If you are an international student and would like to live, study and/ or work in Australia then Student and Graduate visas is the way forward.

  • Visitor and Working Holiday Visas

    Australia is a beautiful and unique place with vibrant multicultural cities, attracting over 9 million international visitors each year. To visit Australia for tourism or to see family and friends, you require a visa depending on the purpose and duration of your visit.

  • Appeals and Submissions

    If your visa has been refused, cancelled or your sponsorship application has been subject to refusal then you have an option of making an appeal to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal). The role of the tribunal is to review the Department’s decision for refusing/ cancelling your application.