"The confidence and clarity of the subject matter exceeded my expectations. Loved the delivery of the content and would recommend the class to all my colleagues."

MARN: 0210877

"Praveen was very articulate and passionate imparting about his experience and knowledge about different types of cases. This was certainly a big highlight of the session for me. I highly recommend this to everyone."

MARN: 1687785

"It was a good CPD which exceeded all expectations."

MARN: 1280024

"It was perfect. Probably the best CPD I have ever attended."

MARN: 0102065

"The lecture is promptly presented and the presenter was able to answer all questions raised. More power!"

MARN: 9501091

"It was extremely well presented and the interaction was great."

MARN: 0428055

"I loved the case studies and the flow charts are really helpful in understanding the content. Specially loved the certificate."

MARN: 1680831

"I will definitely recommend Mckkr's to my colleagues."

MARN: 9903113

"Very informative, practical and outcome oriented. I specially loved the case studies, discussions and knowledge oriented approach."

MARN: 0959608

"I was extremely satisfied by the session and learnt a lot."

MARN: 0211396

"I was impressed by the discussions and the session that included brainstorming migration cases. It is a great platform to mix with other RMAs."

Ping Yang, MARN: 1681487

McKkr's were a great help with 407 Nomination Applications. Very professional and efficient. I highly recommend them.

Shamraiz Mehdi , MARN 1465452

“This was the first CPD I have attended. Praveen is a very engaging presenter, who keeps the programme easy to understand and has a variety of very good case studies. I would recommend McKkr’s to other migration agents.”

Chin Win, MARN: 1683418

“There was a huge number of real-scenario cases shared in the workshop. The trainer really encourages trainees to put their thoughts together and come up with practical solutions.”

Vaibhav Patel, MARN; 1466279

“Praveen Goyal has a lot of knowledge and experience. Attending the McKkr’s CPD was time well spent. I will recommend my colleague to attend this CPD.”

Elizabeth Wang, MARN: 1795559

“McKkr’s PRP exceeded my expectation! As it was my first year as an RMA I was sceptical about choosing McKkr’s as the cost was much more reasonable than others. I am very happy with my choice. The content and delivery and Praveen’s knowledge which goes over and above will have a lasting effect on my own practise. Thank you!”

Angela Gu, May 2018

“I think the CPD provided by McKkr’s are always very useful and practical. Mr Praveen provides a lot of case studies which are helpful in clarifying actual cases. Always appreciate your efforts Mr Praveen!” - Youn Ja Men; MARN: 0744583

Youn Ja Men, May 2018

“I wish to thank McKkr’s for the great assistance and guidance I received to obtain my visa sc 407. Your advice from the very beginning and continuous follow up with me helped me to obtain visa as quickly as possible after sponsorship and nomination has been approved. I would highly recommend the services of McKkr's Training to anyone who will apply visa sc 407.”

Gayani, April 2018

"McKkr’s services are prompt with detailed information.”

Bilkiss Maudarbocus , April 2018

“Praveen is genuinely interested in raising educational standards of migration agents, Praveen is a powerhouse of innovation!”

Lesley Simmons, April 2018