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Record number of Australian citizens conferred on Australia Day.

More than 27,000 people attended 454 ceremonies around the country to become Australian citizens on Australia Day 26 January 2020 which is the largest number to date. Between 01 July and 31 December 2019, 106,704 people were conferred with Australian citizenship. “Citizenship is a chance for new migrants to make a pledge to uphold our laws…
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Changes to Australian citizenship

The Australian Government may not be pursuing changes to the Australian citizenship law - that would make permanent residents wait longer and require evidence of their English proficiency before they can apply. Reports that the Federal Government will backflip on its plans to harden Australian citizenship tests, which it had initially said would promote Australian…
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Australian Citizenship Processing Update

The latest figures released by the Department of Home Affairs indicate the waiting time for Australian Citizenship has dropped by ten per cent. The time period from lodgement to citizenship ceremony (by conferral) has dropped for 75 per cent of applications from 20 months to 18 months. For 90 per cent of applications, though, it…
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