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Student Admission and Enrolment

Australia is a great place to come for further studies for international students. Apart from world class universities, there are endless opportunities to enrol in various other diploma level courses in colleges spread across the country.

Often times after you enrol in a course you realize that the subjects chosen are not as per your expectations therefore changing either the course or even the university is the only option. We understand enrolment process and can help you chose the right path and assist in your Student Visa application, so Contact Us today.

We are able to assist with admissions to most education institutions in Australia, to know more about different course options and the Student visa, click here.

Enrolment in Universities / Colleges

Each University and college has their own specific enrolment requirements. Sometimes, this process can take up weeks and months. Therefore, it is important that you seek help in advance and not miss out any application deadlines.

Our trained staff assists domestic as well as International students in seeking admission, taking you through the process keeping your best interest at heart.

If you are worried about your language skills, read our blog here.

Course / Career Guidance

Usually each course has specific requirements you need to meet. However, many institutions allow you to change or tailor your course according to your interests and goals. We can help in understanding your interests and steering your course of study to achieve your academic goals.

Different educational institutes allow you to use your prior work experience to account for credit units. We can also assist in this area by presenting your case with relevant documentation to account for all your previous learning. Call us at +61 2 46261002 or Discuss Your Case with us and we will get back to you shortly.

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