Q. What is RPL?

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. It means you can have your previous qualifications and/or work experience recognised as a formal qualification.


Q. Can RPL be done in all fields?

Almost all. To see the areas covered by McKkr’s, please click here.


Q. Which qualification should I choose?

The qualification should be relevant to the work experience you have. We can also recommend which qualification would be more appropriate for you.


Q. How can I request my RPL?

You can order a RPL through our website. Remember to attach your updated CV. Click here to order a RPL. Remember to attach your updated CV. There will be a form to be filled with your details. It takes only a minute of your time. After submitting the form online, our team will contact you back with a quote. Alternatively, you can send an email to admin@mckkrs.com.au.


Q. How much should I pay to have my resume assessed?

Assessment of resume is free of charge.


Q. When should I pay to get the qualification?

After the analysis of your resume, if our team finds you eligible for the qualification, we will send you an invoice with payment options. You can use bank transfer, money deposit or credit card to pay your invoice. Contact us on +61-2-46261002 in case you want to pay by credit card.


Q. What sort of documents are required?

After accepting the case we may ask you to send us the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport
  • All qualifications, certificates and mark sheets
  • Reference letters from previous employers
  • Photos and or videos showing you performing various tasks of your occupation


Q. How much does RPL cost?

The fee depends upon the qualification you are looking for. All you need to do is send us an email requesting a quote for the qualification you are interested in and we will quote the best price possible for you.


Q Can I get Certificate IV without having the Certificate III?

Yes. You may get a higher qualification as long as you have enough work experience for that.


Q. Can RPL be done for someone who is overseas?

Yes. RPL can be done worldwide.


Q. Why should I go for RPL?

RPL can get you the qualification you desire based on your experience. There is no need to attend classes in a college if you already have the skills and experience in your occupation. Also, for certain visas you need skill assessment and for that you need a qualification recognised in Australia.


Q. Is the qualification provided by McKkr’s recognised in Australia?

Yes. All our qualifications meet the requirements of AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) and are recognised Australia-wide as they are provided by Registered Training Organisations.


Q. How long will it take to get my qualification?

It generally takes two weeks after we accept the case, get all the required documents and payment is cleared.


Q. How do I get my certificate?

We will send you both soft and hard copies of your certificate.


Workplace Assessment

Q. What is workplace assessment?

It is an assessment of your skills in a particular occupation.
If you do not possess a certain qualification, but you have a long experience in that specific field, we can assess your practical skills by watching you performing various job tasks required to meet different competencies in a qualification. If you are overseas, the same can be arranged through Skype. We provide you with a qualification which meets all requirements of AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework). For instance, if you have been working as a tiler for a few years but have no formal qualification, we will assess your skills and if found competent in performing various tasks as required, we will arrange to grant you the appropriate qualification based on your skills.


Q. What is the difference between RPL and Workplace Assessment?

In workplace assessment the formal qualification is not necessary, as skills are assessed in the workplace. For RPL, both qualifications and experience may be considered.


Q. What should I do to get the Workplace Assessment?

The first step is to send us your resume to be assessed by our team. If you are a suitable candidate, we will arrange for your practical skill assessment. You have to perform certain tasks in front of our assessors and on the basis of that we will get your level of competency. The rest of the process is the same as RPL.


Q. How long will it take to get a qualification?

It generally takes two weeks after we get all the documents, skill assessment is done and payment is received.