Response to DOHA / Submissions

We can help you respond to the enquiries and unfavourable decisions from the Department of Home Affairs. A detailed Submission with strong arguments supporting the application is drafted in response to the request from the Department for additional information or a decision from the Department.

Our Head Migration Agent, who has trained over 30% of the industry, with his extensive years of experience and knowledge in the migration industry provides his inputs to prepare the Submissions.

Our submissions include:

  • Submission writing to AAT for merits review of the refusal and cancellation decisions of the DOHA.
  • Submissions and Reports writing for State Sponsorship and State Nomination
  • Submission to Regional Certifying Bodies for Direct Entry RSMS Visa
  • Various types of Submissions and Reports including Research Tours for different Business Visas
  • Submissions to the Case Officers to respond to the 'Request for Further Information' on different Visa subclasses
  • Submission to the Minister for Ministerial Intervention