Market Salary Report


What Market Salary Reports usually contain


The final report will significantly depend on the quality and precision of information our clients share with us. All details from our clients remain confidential and are used only for the purpose of preparing their Market Salary Report. Apart from many other things, our Market Salary Reports include all what is required by the Department of Immigration to justify that the nominated salary is the right salary for the nominee.

Market Salary Report

McKkr’s Market Salary Reports provide detailed information on the salary range of various occupations. We are experienced in conducting market salary research within a wide range of industries.

At McKkr’s, we offer Market Salary Report services to clients in any industry to support business decisions. McKkr’s Market Salary Reports help companies plan for their human resource needs by providing detailed analysis and research on the current salaries of various occupations.

McKkr’s Market Salary Reports are also tailored to the Department of Immigration’s business sponsorship requirements. The sponsoring employer must demonstrate that the terms and conditions of employment are no less favourable than the terms and conditions of employment that would be provided to an ‘equivalent Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident’. For a nomination approval, the base salary must be at least equal to the TSMIT (applicable for 457 Visa).

Why choose McKkr's

We always keep our clients updated on any legislative changes in relation to the Market Salary requirements for standard business sponsorships.

Our reports include various elements such as research from payscale, different jobsites, ABS. We prepare strong reports by including job market survey and market wage survey.

If there is an Australian employee performing equivalent work we can prepare an Equivalent Worker Report for you, in which we will include additional information such as employment contracts or payslips of the Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident staff to demonstrate that the nominee is being offered equivalent terms and conditions.

With McKkr’s Market Salary Reports, you will receive comprehensive, detailed and analytical information that will assist in your business sponsorship and nomination applications, and business hiring decisions.