Labour Market Testing


What our LMT report usually contains

The LMT final report will significantly depend on the quality, quantity and precision of information our clients share with us. All details from our clients remain confidential and are used only for the purpose of preparing their Labour Market Testing report.

Our reports are one of the most complete LMTs in Australia, written by qualified and experienced professionals.

Apart from other things our LMT reports cover various LMT requirements of the Department of Immigration such as job description, ad development, handling applications from prospective Australian residents/ citizens and eligible temporary visa holders, short listing eligible applicants, carrying out job interviews with shortlisted candidates, preparing detailed matrix on suitability of potential applicants, taking feedback from industry bodies, providing evidence of fee paid for recruitment, preparing detailed results of recruitment attempts, preparing Labour Market Research Report, and finding latest research references where available etc.

Labour Market Testing

Labour Market Testing is basically testing the local market for one specific position in order to find a suitable Australian worker to fill that position and to ensure that the employer has taken the right decision when deciding to hire an overseas worker.

The Labour Market Testing Report is a detailed report testing the local market for one specific position to meet the Department of Immigration’s requirements for the Employer Sponsored Visa Subclasses which requires companies to test the Australian labour market for suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizens or permanent residents (or eligible temporary visa holders) to fill the position.

Labour market testing must take place within the six months prior to lodging the nomination application ensuring that the employer has no other choice but to hire an overseas worker in the absence of suitably qualified and experience Australians to fill the position.

On behalf of our clients, McKkr’s Labour Market Testing demonstrates in details that the client has made satisfactory efforts to recruit Australian citizens or permanent residents for the positions. Our professional writers create job advertisements, post ads, shortlist and interview candidates and thereafter include the details of each shortlisted candidate and their suitability for the position.