Genuine Temporary Entrant Reports

To be eligible for a student visa, the applicant must, among other things, demonstrate that they are seeking to enter Australia for the purpose of the study and that they will abide by the conditions of their student visa.

All students under 18 have to provide evidence of their intended arrangements for their accommodation, support and general welfare for the stay period in Australia.

Students are also required to provide additional documentary evidence of their financial and English language capacity with their visa application.

Applicants are required to write their own statements which in many cases can be difficult as Immigration Department’s criteria are complex. We can assist you or your clients in compiling the necessary data and communicating the statements in a clear and concise way to avoid unnecessary delays and/or refusals.

I am a genuine student but how can I convey it?

Proving GTE requirement is one of the hardest things to do for a student visa application. You may be a genuine student and a genuine temporary entrant, but conveying it is not simple.

Immigration Departments have very strict and complex criteria to assess each applicant’s circumstances. Therefore, a good statement has to help the officer understand your motivations for the chosen career path and goals. We will gather your information and help you communicate in the most effective manner.