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Song Yao
MARN: 1799953

Very practical. I learnt more than I expected. I think the best part of the session we enjoyed is when Mr. Goyal sharing his interesting cases.

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MARN: 1798972

“This course was well delivered. I got to learn many new things which I can use practically.”

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Amardeep Cheema
MARN: 1798650

Well designed course and relevant examples shared by the facilitator.

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Tajinder Kaur
MARN: 1802551

Really an eye-opening real-life work experience examples that Mr. Praveen Goyal shared provides an insight knowledge for new migration Agents. Above all, I found this course worthwhile for my future professional practice as a migration Agent. I will definitely recommend my colleagues who wants to be in this profession to do PRP session and also the CPD's through McKkr's.

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Qing Quinn Qin
MARN: 1796643

"I learnt how important it is to maintain a distance from the client. The session reminded me how I should represent the client by keeping their best interests forward."

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Sha Zhu
MARN: 1798105

It is a very pratical course which helps me better prepared myself for practice. I appreciate the presenter's case sharing, and how he interprets the legislation & regulation. I have a clear idea of what I should do next after the course. Besides, I also build my confidence in this industry.

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Thien Pham

"I found it useful. It really helped to improve and enhance my knowledge. Really satisfied!"

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Subhasini Chilakuri
MARN: 1800479

"It was a great learning experience that helped me meet new people. I also learnt so much through the case studies which would be extremely beneficial for my practice. I would certainly attend Mckkr's workshops again in the future to learn CPD."

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James Coelho
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Thi Hong Minh Le
MARN: 1795357

"Praveen is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. He shared interesting case studies that helped me learn a lot. I also got the opportunity meet and interact with other RMAs, which shall also help in my career development.

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Asad Rasheed
MARN: 1798927

I, Asad Rasheed, am a newly registered migration agend who took the opportunity to complete my prp with McKkr's training. On completion, I am actually glad I did it with them as it helped me understand the pros and cons associated with the industry as well as enlightened my knowledge in regards to professional approach of the pratice. Mr. Goyal is one of the best tutors I have encountered, and his knowledge has helped me gain some confidence about practising as a migration agent.

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Sina Sarkarati

"It was beyond my expectations. Thank you."

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Yunus Noori
MARN: 1800520

In this profession I found the PRP course useful and the most learning experience. The course was well designed the presenter was extremely knowledgable on the subject. Particularly, I enjoyed listening the presenter's examples of case studies.

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Sarah Scott Bird
MARN: 1797566

"I found the Mckkrs PRP course to be extremely helpful and informative. I found the course really enjoyable and the matter was extremely well presented by Mr. Goyal."

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Yanxiang Luo
MARN: 1800657

Very useful course. I learned so much in the four days. Mr Goyal is knowlegable, full of wisedowm and has shared lots of typical cases wit us. I will definitely come back for my CPD workshops with McKkr's again.

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Reema Makkar
MARN: 1797737

"In my view PRP was really good. I has really added to my professional career. I loved the case studies and the various strategies that we learnt."

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Chris Karamanolis
MARN: 1277518

“Enjoyed the CPD, very informative, which exceeded my expectations. Will definitely do again”

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Juliano Bashi
MARN: 1798174

The PRP course is a great program that enhanced my knowledge in the field as a newly appointed and registered agent. It has provided me with updated changes to immigration procedures and regulations of Australia and increased my awareness with business ethics and abiding by the migration code of conduct to avoid complaints to OMARA by unsatisfied clients.

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Vadim Safarian
MARN: 1281187

“Lots of important information that I can use in everyday practice”

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Razaq Oduyemi
MARN: 1803563

I had the privilege to have learned from a highly experienced industry expert and an opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from cases shared. Of course, I have registered the name of McKkr's in my training plan for future development training.

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Jianjun Liu
MARN: 0961068

“I have learned a lot”

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Vidanagama Cabral
MARN: 1794972

"It was good course that helped me learn a lot of new things that shall help me in my career."

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Arthur Sean Beazley
MARN: 0748007

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the CPD program and learning achieved. Strongly recommended”

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Tianle Zhang
MARN: 1803107

"It was a great experience that taught me realistic client communication and various other skills."

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“I like the material and presentation style."

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Manoj Kumari
MARN: 1804359

It is my excaggeration to say that this PRP was transformative - both professionally and personally. Mr. Goyal's subject expertise sprinkled with engaging anecdotes kept me involved all through the course. As I new RMA I felt like a sponge, absorbing every bit of information that I could. I admired Mr. Goyal's business accumen and can't thank him enough for his committment towards helping fresh RMA's like me.

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Dharmindher Singh
MARN: 0849365

“Learnt heaps”

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Ranbir Lambra
MARN: 1794725

"It was a really great learning experience that taught me a lot."

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Rajendra Uprety
MARN: 0743660

“Well presented, pragmatic solutions, real case studies”

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Neena A. Thakkar
MARN: 1798047

"A great course for new migration agents as it helps in gaining clarity on various aspects of the business and what to expect."

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Yong Heng Zhang
MARN: 0004106

“Useful information that I did not have”

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Kavitha Ramaraj
MARN: 1800119

"It was a great experience."

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Alison Huynh

“Great value for money and knowledge”

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Syed Fauroe
MARN: 1796496

“The best part of this PRP was all the real life experiences and case studies from Praveen. “

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Ronald Chong
MARN: 1799155

"Mckkr's PRP course is an essential course for all new immigration agents. The content covered was extremely helpful and taught me a lot."

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Jian Fang Shen
MARN: 9802280

“The knowledge provided is deep and valuable. And the case studies are useful”

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MARN: 1798972

“This course was well delivered. I got to learn many new things which I can use practically. Previously I had no idea about marketing strategies, but I found it informative when Praveen gave a lecture on this particular topic.”

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Julia Nguy
MARN: 1973799

“The strategies and example provided made you think outside the box, the lectures came with a very practical approach which you can relate to in the real world and the PRP motivates you to try different approaches from other agent’s experiences.”

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Raj Lutz
MARN: 1800397

"Mr. Goyal made the learning process easy and I thoroughly enjoyed his class and found the study material extremely helpful too."

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Chzeng Wai Fong

“Very practical information delivered! Case study materials are extremely useful”

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Zhiguang Gao
MARN: 1799364

“Praveen is a really good trainer and I will recommend this course to other migrations agents.”

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Rachel Huang

“Very good, with useful real case studies”

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Pei Qian
MARN: 1803094

“The PRP Couse did not only strengthen what I have learnt in my migration law certificate, but also better prepared me for future practise. During the program we learnt from real migration cases which are quite interesting and enlisting.”

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David Coote
MARN: 9577328

“I learnt some things I did not know.”

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Angela Gu
MARN: 1799439

“McKkr’s PRP exceeded my expectation! As it was my first year as an RMA I was sceptical about choosing McKkr’s as the cost was much more reasonable than others. I am very happy with my choice. The content and delivery and Praveen’s knowledge which goes over and above will have a lasting effect on my own practise. Thank you!”

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Un Gee Hau
MARN: 0962690

“Overall a good CPD. Attempted to deal in details with the visa sub-class discussed. Very practical”

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Rupesh Pathak
MARN: 1796085

"I found the session to be a great learning experience. Mr. Goyal is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. The delivery of his teaching is brilliant."

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MARN: 9686084

“The presentation is clear and lucid. It encompasses a comprehensive coverage on the visa subclasses discussed”

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Mahmoud Mahmoud
MARN: 1977648

“I think it was a very useful course.”

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MARN: 9253287

“Positive and relevant”

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Moran Schultz
MARN: 1795282

“I found McKkr’s PRP is an important course for new agents.”

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Bimal Bhattarai
MARN: 9685736

"Overall it was good."

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Wenta Lin
MARN: 1800551

“McKkr’s has provided an intensive, thorough and practical PRP course by which I can better prepare myself for my future practice. The presenter is patient and professional. Another great thing about this course is that the course is offered at a reasonable price compared to other providers.”

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Jay Patel
MARN: 1700394

"Mr Praveen was really good. The workshop was extremely practical and full of knowledge. I have learned a lot."

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Ramash Raj Sharma
MARN: 1796989

“Very satisfied. The presenter was very engaging and was open to share his experience which was eye opening.”

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Hea Chanjing
MARN: 1796307

“I found this PRP course very helpful for my career growth, I feel more confident to practise migration after this course.”

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Jan G. Domantay
MARN: 1789531

"Mr Goyal is a great presenter."

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Julian Shirokaj
MARN: 1795028

"A very good and informative PRP. Highly recommended."

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Gemma Evans
MARN: 1797035

"I have found this PRP to be an invaluable learning experience. As a UK based advisor, I often feel quite isolated from the Migration agent community here in Australia and I have cherished the opportunity to meet and develop positive working relationships with some fellow advisors and to learn and develop my own practice from Praveen's wealth of experience and knowledge."

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Asif Raza Mir
MARN: 1796890

"The facilitator Mr Praveen Goyal presented knowledgeably and generously from past experiences."

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Saleem Ullah
MARN: 1796061

"McKkr's PRP is a great tool which will equip me to do things even more efficiently at my own practice. Three important tools I have learned is time management, good customer service skills, and how these components can affect your business."

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Poh Ling Yong
MARN: 1795453

"The McKkr's 4-day seminar is very informative and useful for my future career. Praveen is an experienced lecturer and has practised migration law for over 10 years."

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Sharon Fernando
MARN: 1799631

"The insights I have gained at the McKkr's PRP seminar will help me in regards to client management and business management for my own company."

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Isaura Goncalves de Andrade
MARN: 1791244

"This PRP course has been very useful for me and I appreciate especially the practical tips about business management and instructions about regulations. I will definitely come back."

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Te Luo
MARN: 1793388

"This is a very good course where Praveen shared a lot of insights and experience. These materials are very useful and the pace is good as well. Will recommend this course to other agents."

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Paskova Beatrix
MARN: 1792869

"Well organized course with excellent knowledge from the presenter."

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Gang Guo
MARN: 1793631

"This is a good PRP course for first-year RMAS. The lecturer is kind, with lots of work experience and extreme understanding of Migration Law. The class is fun and broad teaching styles were used in class, making it easier to learn. I will highly recommend this course to others."

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Bodhika Perera
MARN: 1794578

"This is an important program for all new migration agents. The McKkr's PRP course actually lives up to its name as a 'Practise Ready Program'."

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Sidong Sun
MARN: 1803823

"It is an extremely useful and practical course for new migration agents."

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Fraser Pollock
MARN: 1801892

"Great and ongoing knowledge through the 4 days."

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Jack Guangning
MARN: 1800537

"It was a great practical course that taught me a lot and helped me network with fellow RMAs."

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Satvinder Sandhu
MARN: 1800602

"It was a great workshop."

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Dipal Rao
MARN: 1700407

"PRP is a great tool for networking in the migration industry. This course has helped me learn a lot and helped boost my confidence in terms of people skills."

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Sukhpal Singh
MARN: 1799819

"The PRP course really helped me learn about the code of conduct and its importance."

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John Xuong Lieu
MARN: 1797042

"The PRP has provided me with a great refresher on the code of conduct and its importance. Praveen is an excellent presenter with extensive working experience. He was great and really helpful."

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Anna Lee
MARN: 1799782

I found this course to be practical, which is important for someone new to the industry. It's helpful in building a new bussiness to focus on a path that's likely to be successfull than to focus on the rang/whole market. I've enjoyed the course; thank you for imparting your knowledge and sharing your wisdom.

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Miki Lim
MARN: 1797799

McKkr's PRP will expand your knowledge in whatever area your business is lacking. Whether it be business management related or technical skills related, you will learn something in at least one of the topic areas. You can't come away from the sessions having learnt nothing, regardless of your initial expectations of what a PRP course will facilitate.

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Can Odabas
MARN: 1974974

The presenter has absolute knowledge about the Australian immigration industry. This PRP course stimulate my desier to jump on to practice.

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Burhanahmed Riyazahmed
MARN: 1802640

I am more confident now after attempting PRP course. It is so useful. I will keep attending hi s CPD in the future.

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Yanjun Chen
MARN: 1798427

The training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lot of ideas. I have gained knowledge. The presenter is excellent, the groups of participants are nice and inspiring. I found the course very useful.

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Siobhan Hughes
MARN: 1799686

Praveen's skill set, comprising in depth knowledge and expertise in business management and marketing combined with his industry experience as a leader in the field, provided all-round coverage at all aspects of a migration agent's practice. The course was much more diverse and comprehensive than I expected and so exceeded my expectations!

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Min Ah Cho
MARN: 1799340

I was pleasantly surprised by the practicality of the contents and delivery of the course. It provided rich examples, challenges that we face in the profession and a perspective to always identify opportunities in market situation. It provided quality information to us as new migration agents to become good business owners.

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Justin Madden
MARN: 1799946

Material was comprehensive and will likely be of benefit to improving my practice.

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Parveen Kumar
MARN: 1801563

I fully enjoyed the course and learned a lot throughout the course.

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Navdeep Duggal
MARN: 1804157

Learning PRP course with Mr. Praveen Goyal was an excellent outcome in terms of knowing the profession from variety of perspetive. He made every explanation so simple and easy that results in us new RMA to go to the industry with high confidence and self belief.

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Gladwin Poduthas
MARN: 1797477

Mr. Goyal with his wide and rich experience in the migration industry, guided us in a practical way how we can put our foot firm in the field. The program was highly helpful and I would recommend it to newly registered migration agents.

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Namrata Sharma
MARN: 1800993

I learned a lot about managing my bussiness and all aspects related to migration, which was an eye opener for me as a beginner. I absolutely loved the "focus" exercise. It made me think deeply and will help me with my concentration on details.

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Amarjeet Sandhu
MARN: 1796612

PRP Course focused more on practical skills necessary for running a migration business and staying compliant to Code of Conduct. I learned a lot about good file-management and keeping client information confidential.

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Sunshine Pais
MARN: 1797484

Great course and lots of practical advice. Realistic examples and realistic approaches towards setting up a practice and macro view of migration industry and micro analysis of how to start up; motivated/passionate presenter

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Sarabjeet Deol
MARN: 1798265

An excellent program, which is well designed for new RMAs by McKkr's. The course structure, which serves the essential 'day to day' requirement for the new practice is awesome. The way of delivery of the program by Mr Praveen Goyal, who has extensive hand on knowledge of migration is helpful for me in order to enhance and escalate my future growth.

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Harneet Singh Arora
MARN: 1700123

PRP was quite interesting. It will help me in structuring my migration business.

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Isaac Annan
MARN: 1804246

The PRP course was well structured and appropriately tailored for migration agents in the field of migration and business. The course content was good and the delivery was excellent. As a new migration agent, this course was equipped with strategic knowledge and guidelines to capture the opportunities ahead.

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Mireille Dewalheyns
MARN: 1797162

I was dreading to participate in any PRP course and still believe it should be an entity of the Grad Certificate we obtained at university but given the competitive price, content and knowledge Mr. Praveen Goyal shared with us, it was truly worthwhile and I enjoyed all 4 days. Thank you!!

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Sahil Tanwar
MARN: 1796403

I is a quite detailed and comprehensive program which changed my overall perception from day I. Mr Goyal is very informative and shared his valuable experiences with us which made the program quite interesting. I will highly recommend his PRP and CPD to fellow mates and have been doing so.

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Ian Natherson
MARN: 1801272

I attend purely as a MARA Requirement bu left gaining so much more and many learning possibilities I am able to take back to my own business.

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Elvira Conner
MARN: 1797326

Good PRP session with lots of real life experiences, tips and examples. Competitive price and very experienced presenter.

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Daman Malik
MARN: 1796523

Great course to learn and update your knowledge. Being a new migration agent this course gives you all the tools to manage new business and reminds of all the good and ethical business practices. Definitely recommended.

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Innocent Maramba
MARN: 1799193

Builds a good understanding and platform for setting up a professional practice.

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Jasraj Dhatt
MARN: 1700027

A great PRP course, so much to learn from it. Really listed the real-life examples which were mentioned during the course.

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Richard Vanderiet
MARN: 1803974

I found the PRP overall very informative and practical. In particular I liked the way the instructor introduced chunks of reality by drawing on his vast experience relating past cases. This was not only entertaining but useful knowledge to acquire.

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Bhupinder Singh
MARN: 1798883

I admire the expertise and authority of Mr. Praveen Goyal on migration. He uses real life cases to clarify queries and this PRP has been extremely beneficial for me and I'll use every bit of it it in my career.

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Amar Pandey
MARN: 1797888

Mr P. Goyal is a knowledgeable person, who has deep insights and experience in migration industry. He has shared his real time experience and trouble shooting problems during the PRP. I thank you very much McKkr's for this opportunity and learning opportunity to me.