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academic Online Australia-wide Accredited Qualifications

McKkr's has launched a unique interactive web-platform to help you gain Australia-wide recognised accredited vocational qualifications through registered training organisations in Australia in your own time-frame which may help you in your application for a variety of temporary and permanent visas including student and sc457 visas.

With McKkr’s you have the opportunity to complete these highly sought after accredited qualifications through an interactive online platform, where your learning experience will be practical, pleasant and simple. You will be able to complete and submit assessments online in the comfort of your home, and a qualified Assessor assigned to you will work with you to help you complete the chosen qualification(s) satisfactorily.

McKkr’s is your partner in your learning and career growth and is now offering you the opportunity to learn new skills, enhance existing skills, and complete a formal qualification recognised Australia-wide. These qualifications may be a career boost you have been waiting for with the flexibility needed.

Please note that these are formal qualifications achieved through learning and assessments and are at par with qualifications gained by studying in a College. In addition to the flexibility we offer in terms of studying and completing assessments at a time convenient to you, these qualifications do not have a requisite time-frame to complete. This simply means that you can gain a qualification in your own time-frame.

There are also a few specific qualifications that may require workplace experience and we and the Assessor will work with you to determine the best way for you.

Our Online Platform offers you  to gain the following:

1. Australia-wide recognised accredited qualifications under the Australia Qualification Framework from Certificate to Diploma levels

2. Recognised Skill Sets

Enrol in one or more Courses

1. Fill in and submit the request form Enrolment Request Form

2. We will send you the enrolment form and invoice for payment

3. Make the payment and fill in the enrolment form and send it to

4. Receive your enrolment confirmation and login details to use the online platform for you to study required units of competencies.

5. You will also be assigned a trainer who will help you to understand the learning material, assessments and whenever you need any help.

Benefits of McKkr’s Online Qualifications

  • Australia-wide recognised qualifications under AQF (Australian Qualification Framework)
  • Anywhere in the world - no student visa needed to gain these qualifications
  • Flexibility in terms of studying and completing assessments at a time convenient to you
  • No requisite time frame to complete the qualifications as you are not studying for these qualifications as part of your student visa. This simply means that you can gain a qualification quickly, in your own time frame.
  • No minimum pre-requisite qualification required to enrol in a course.
  • Even if you are on a student visa in Australia, you can still gain these qualifications separately by studying online and be eligible to apply for a more suitable visa.
  • If a qualification requires practical component to be completed as part of the qualification, we will guide you as to how you can meet this requirement even if you are not in Australia.

List of AQF Certificate to Diploma level Qualifications - Choose the courses from the list below: