Internships for Onshore Candidates


How to Apply

1. Click the button below and send us your details.

2. Complete an application form and send your CV with all relevant documents for assessment.

3. Eligible candidates go through a pre-screening interview.

4. Candidates’ skills are then matched with an available position and sent to host employers for selection.

5. Host employers conduct further interviews with shortlisted candidates

6. Once the successful candidate is confirmed by the host employer, an internship offer will be sent and placement can commence.

Apply for Internship

Candidates who are in Australia

If you are already in Australia with a valid work visa or an Australian permanent resident or citizen looking for an opportunity to start your career, we can help you!

Benefits of the program

  • Gain valuable work experience and confidence in your chosen field
  • Have networking opportunities
  • Be able to decide if this is the right career path for you
  • Have a greater chance of transitioning to a full time job


  • Appropriate qualifications and skills
  • Has Australian work rights (Visa assistance is available)
  • Upper intermediate to advanced English language skills
  • Strong knowledge of your field